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As a specialist in tomatoes SpecialTom can offer a wide range of high quality tomatoes throughout the year:

  • Cherry round red & yellow
  • Baby Plum / cherry plum in different varieties:
    Angelle, Santa-West, Mistral, Sweetelle, Seychelle, Vittorino, orange & yellow etc.
  • Mini Kumato
  • Round tomatoes
  • Vine tomatoes
  • Cocktail & cherry vine
  • Intens tomatoes
  • Plum tomatoes
  • Beef tomatoes

Packaging options

From our modern packing stations in the Netherlands, we can provide our customers daily with freshly packed Baby Plum tomatoes. Everything is possible.

We can offer our own range of packaging or use customer specific labels and boxes. All packing options are possible, filled with a single color or mixed and different varieties and colours. We have cardboard buckets and topseal punnets available as an environment friendly options to our standard buckets. Options below are our standard assortment.

Feel free to download the overview of our latest packaging options.

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