SpecialTom - import & export specialist

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SpecialTom has over the years proven itself to be a specialist in the import and export of small tomatoes. Together with our own growers in Morocco, Spain and in the Netherlands we have made a name for ourselves within the industry as one of the most flexible and consistent suppliers of Baby Plum tomatoes.

As a result of these tight relations we can offer the lowest prices paired with the best possible quality. These two factors have lead us to become one of the biggest players in packaged Baby Plum tomatoes. Besides Baby Plum tomatoes, we also import a range of fruits and vegetables mainly from Spain, Morocco and Senegal.

Today, with a modern logistic facility in Breda, the Netherlands, we have a storage capacity of 7000m² and eight docking stations to ensure quick service which fits into this fast-paced business we are in.

Our packaging

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Only the best tomatoes end up being processed at our packing station. After careful sorting the tomatoes proceed to the machinery where they are loaded into the different types of packaging.

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